About the Book

Blessed is the person who has consented to become the close friend of faith and of prayer: he lives in single-mindedness and makes prayer and faith stop by with him. Prayer that rises up in someone’s heart serves to open up for us the door of heaven: that person stands in converse with the Divinity and gives pleasure to the Son of God.
–St. Ephrem the Syrian

Welcome to the Book of Prayer. Herein are (or will be) contained all the greatest and most sublime prayers of the Orthodox faith, as well as some prayers from other traditions here and there. As a future project, writings and meditations on prayer will eventually be incorporated into the site as well.

Updated regularly and frequently, so check back often for the latest additions.

Following is a complete list of the prayers on this site:

Classic Prayers

The Lord’s Prayer

Psalm 50

The Lorica of St. Patrick

The Prayers of the Hours

The First Hour

The Third Hour

The Sixth Hour

The Ninth Hour

Troparia and Kontakia

Daily Troparia and Kontakia

non-Orthodox Prayers

A Martyr’s Prayer


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